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Pineta ART

Pineta ART was born
from the desire to create
a graphic concept to distinguish
Lignano Pineta.
A different and alternative study
started from the map of the
urban planning project of
Lignano Pineta by the architect
Marcello D’Olivo – 1953.
Quality materials and printing make
this project unique,
which wants to leave a sign.
The sign Lignano Pineta!

The spiral, symbol with no time and no borders, takes a new meaning.
Lines and colors tracing an unmistakable, minimal and refined mark like the map of Lignano Pineta.
An ideal of harmony that becomes, through a study of research and deepening, into an original and captivating visual identity.
An exclusive collection, dedicated to all of the people who love this fantastic location and want to wear the summer emotions, all year round!

Made in Italy, 100% cotton and with artisan silk-screen printing.