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Pineta Forever Young

The Lignano Pineta Company has in concession and manages the beach establishments in Lignano Pineta from beach office 1 - Dutch flag, to the beach office 7 - Austrian flag. Its symbol is the “Pontile a Mare” the Pagoda.
It is the same company that in the 50s realized the urban project of the genius Marcello D'Olivo with a spiral plan. Many are the realizations of the Lignano Pineta Company to keep it up to date with time and attractive: from the elevate walkway, to the playground I Gommosi , from the PalaPineta, from the shops on the beach to the park “Parco del Mare”, from the Baby sitting in the pine forest to the mosaics at the entrance of the beach establishments, from the animation on the beach to the fireworks show “the Fire of the Sea”, and more. Every summer in Lignano Pineta gives you wonderful memories and emotions.
PINETA FOREVER YOUNG. Lignano Pineta forever young!

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