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    Welcome to Lignano Pineta beach!

    The Lignano Pineta company offer a wide range to rent beach-equipment: seven beach-offices marked with a number and a flag, placed along the beach of Pineta and provided with beach-beds, deck-chairs, “directore”-chairs and cabins.

    In Lignano Pineta for the “holidaiers” are available toilets, baby changing table, showers with cold, mild and hot water cleaned more times a day, walkways from the beach-office to the seaside for the handicapped people and for the mothers with pushchair. There is also a qualified sea-rescue service, with beach attendents on the boats
    Storia Lignano Pineta Intrattenimento Lignano Pineta Intrattenimento Lignano Pineta or on a sight-towers. An animation programme for adults and children is offer free of charge to the tourists.
    The sand of the beach is cleaned every day with beach machines and also handly by the beach attendents. In every beach office of Lignano Pineta are set out information of seawater analysis as indicated by the Federation for Environmental Education – F.E.E. – "Blu Flag"; on the beach there are only sorted waste baskets.
    Several are the swimming and windsurf schools on the Pineta beach, where is also possible to hire pedalboats and canoes.
    A peer on the sea charachterizes the beach of Lignano Pineta and make possibile a pleasant walk on the water and a snack
    at the bar La Pagoda. The adventure’s fans find on the peer “bananaboati” and “ciambella”. Questionaire about the satisfaction of the beach services are available next to the beach-offices; the questionaires are useful to improve their quality level and to relate the offer to the customers’ demand.
    The company Lignano Pineta have in concession from the
    State a big area includine 1,2 km sandy shore, limited along
    the coastline with an elevated pedestrian construction,
    that riserves to the tourists a marvellous panorama of the beach. This elevated pedestrian way is approachable by the handicapped persons with an elevator and is made of very wide wall cabins, shops (newspapers, tabacconist, beach-shop, etc), three ateliers of painter and a service
    of first aid for the tourists run by S.O.G.I.T.; this medical service is sponsored by the company Lignano Pineta
    and is linked with the regional first aid 118.
    The elevated pedestrian way links seven “rotonde” where are located bar, toilets, showers with mild water
    and beach-officess whre you can hire beach equipment. The beach-umbrellas are around 4.000 for hotels,
    agencies (that hire apartments and villas) and for all the people. The beach-beds, the “director” chairs and
    deck-chairs are made in aluminium.

    Free WI-FI on the beach:
    On the beach "travelers" have available wi-fi service, which can be accessed by following instructions
    appended hereto. Download pdf >

    The seven beach-offices or “rotonde” are marked with a number and a flag.

    The company Lignano Pineta offers qualified and careful services on the beach with beach attendants and in
    the sea with lifeguards. Every beach-office is equiped with a special floating seat for disabled persons who can
    in this way have a bath in the sea. On the beach are available toys (swing, slide, etc) for children. To the parents are given with the receipt also bangles of a different colour for each beach-office and with the number, the flag
    and the telephone number of the beach-office; in this way is easier to find the children when they are lost.
    In all beach-offices or “rotonde” are at your disposal toilets and showers with mild water for disabled persons.
    In the beach-offices number 1, 4, 5 e 7 are available new toilets with hot water showers. The cleaning of the
    toilets and showers is daily and is made in the morning and in the afternoon.

    Lignano Pineta - MareBetween beach-office n. 1 with Dutch flag and n. 2 with German flag and between beach-office n. 3 with English flag and 4 with Italian flag we have arranged very fine élite areas, with more distanced and elegant white pagoda beach-umbrellas, beach beds (3 sitting positins, sunshade, pillows) and safe on request.

    At beach-office n. 3 with English flag you can find the youngest or single areas, where only beach beds (with 3 sitting positions, sunshade and pillow) can be hired;
    this is the right solution also for the suntan fans. In all the seven beach-offices of Lignano Pineta you find special offers that include beach-umbrella (with 2 beach beds) and a wall cabin.

    On Lignano Pineta beach you can have a funactive holiday: swimming and windsurf schools, twin-hulled boats, canoe and windsurf hirers, water games from the peer (“banana” and “ciambella”), bowls and
    beach volley grounds and so on. Special for families with babies are available in every beach office a
    baby-changing table and an heating-biberon. We offer also a lot of fun and entertainment on teh beach, both
    for adults (aquagym) and children (games and sport activities).

    For customers hiring beach-umbrella for a week (at least 6 days) is available the special offer “Week on the beach and surroundings” more complete year after year.

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