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    Prices company Lignano Pineta

    At the round-shaped beach-offices of company Lignano Pineta you can hier beach-umbrellas
    with beach-beds, beach umbrellas with beach-bed adn deck-chair or director-chair and cabins.

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    The élite area is located between beach-office number 1 (Dutch flag) and number 2 (German flag) and between beach-office number 3 (English flag) and 4 (Italian Flag); in this beach-area you can find smart beach-umbrellas "pagosa-shaped" a bit bigger than the other and with more distance from a beach-umbrella to another. Every beach-umbrella has two three-position beach-beds with sunshade-roof and cushion and a securitybox available
    at the beach-office. The beach-service is of an high level.

    The "lettini" or "beach-beds" area is the youngest in the Pinetas's beach and is located on the rightside of beach-office number 3 (English flag) in front of Marcello D'Olivo's square. There you can find only confortable three-position beach-bed with sunshade-roof and cushion.

    You can book beach-umbrellas, beach-beds, deck-chairs and cabins using the web page
    "book your beach umbrella".

    During the summer days from the first Saturday of May until the third Sunday of September, you can directly contact your preferred beach office:

    beach-office number 1 - Dutch flag
    beach-office number 2 - German flag
    beach office number 3 - British flag
    beach office number 4 - Italian flag
    beach office number 5 - Swiss flag
    beach office number 6 - French flag
    beach office number 7 - Austrian flag

    Tel. 0039 0431 422719
    Tel. 0039 0431 422245
    Tel. 0039 0431 422857
    Tel. 0039 0431 422260
    Tel. 0039 0431 422864
    Tel. 0039 0431 422188
    Tel. 0039 0431 422865

    You can book beach-umbrellas, beach-beds and cabins from the fourth week of September to the end
    of April
    by phoning our central offices, Monday to Friday, phone 0039 0431 422143, fax 0039 0431 428701, or by e-mailing us:

    Have a nice stay in Lignano Pineta!

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