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    As the chronicles of the epoche wrote "on the dawn I come 1953
    the rhombus of the first tractor, it broke the silence of the pineta
    and it overlapped to the risciacquio of the waves on the battigia"

    they were begun to plough the dunes of the pineta to trace the first roads of the place.

    The creation of “Lignano Pineta” is the result of the initiative taken by a group of frioulans entrepreneurs, who carried out an innovative urban project based on a spiral construcion idea, deigned by the architect Marcello D’Olivo. Several specialised magazines have covered this “spiral“ project and it has been praised for its originality and functionality as well as for being environment friendly; the “snail” construction (or “green spiral”) has been integrated in the official flag of the Lignano Sabbiadoro’s municipality.

    Storia Lignano PinetaErnest Hemingway spent some time in this area,
    too, thus contributing to the launching of the resort, which he termed "Italy's Florida". Alberto Sordi, with house in Pineta between Arco del Maestrale and Raggio del Bisato, was
    one of the protagonists of the worldly life of Lignano in the
    years '60.The work by the founders of Lignano Pineta S.p.A.,
    then headed by Count Carlo Alberto Kechler, was carried
    on since 1979 by a new group of Friulan entrepreneurs,
    headed by the Chairman Renzo Ardito; from 1998 dr.
    Giorgio Ardito has entered in the company.A sculpture made
    in Istrian stone, by the sculptor Giorgio Celiberti, is dedicated
    to the founders of Lignano Pineta S.p.A.; it is located in Piazzale Marcello D'Olivo (formerly Piazzalea Mare).

    In the first years '80 years all the seven "terraces" or
    beach offices they with a bar with a panoramic view;
    and subsequently they were joined up by an elevated walkway, accessible to the otherwise skilled,
    and formed by masonry beach huts.

    Company Lignano Pineta goes on in the renew programm of beach-offices (toilets, offices, warehouses, etc.) and of the beach-equipment (beach-umbrellas, deck-chairs, beach-beds, director-chairs, etc.).
    Company Lignano Pineta increases every year the range of services offered to the customers: animation on the beach for adults and children, baby sitting service, water games from the peer, three differents areas: “light”, “élite” and “beach-beds”, promotion “Week on the beach and surroundings”, satisfaction questionnaire, internet booking of beach-beds, bracelet for children to make it easy to find them when they get lost, special offer beach-umbrella and cabin, etc...

    Company Lignano Pineta was the first firm that introduced the computer in the beach offices for a better organisation of the beach-services and to reduce the waiting time of the customers. Firm Lignano Pineta organized also a first-aid service directly on the beach; this importat medical service run by S.O.G.It. and sponsored by company Lignano Pineta, place the Pineta beach in the forefront as to the completeness of the services for the bathers. Company Lignano Pineta has created the babysitting and sport-amusing center “Divertitom” between Raggio di Levante and Lungomare Kechler with a pinewood extension of about 3.000 square meters close to the sea, with two wood cottages, a big tent usefull when it rains; this service increase the offer of the Lignano Pineta destination. The company has started a maintenance and preserving-restore programme of the pinewood near Lungomare Kechler, with the cooperation of Forest Guard.

    The “Parco del Mare” is located in Lignano Pineta, between the Kursaal Congress Centre and Marcello D’Olivo Square; the project was ready in 1995, but for realisation and administrative reasons, realization started in 2000 and lasted two years, the project included a multifunctional structure, the renovation of the Bar Ai Giochi (now its name is Giarabub) and of the park named “Gommosi”.
    Along Viale a Mare, Raggio dei Canestrei, Raggio delle Cappelunghe, Viale delle Terme and Kechler Promenade there are many parking and bicycles lots, chairs and litters, pedestrian and fitness paths and lightings.
    The Parco del Mare is an permanent exhibition of sculptural works of friulan artist Luciano Ceschia and Venetian Simone Benetton. From 2001 in the Parco del Mare take place the “International Sculptural Symposium on Aurisina stone”. Every year in May three international artists work for two weeks under the pine trees at their works contributing to enrich the open air exhibition.
    We are developing a new project to revalue another pinewood area facing the seaside, located among Via Giardini, Kechler Promenade and D’Olivo Square. We also aim to renovate the old building located in the petrol pump for establishing the Foundation Marcello D’Olivo.

    During Summer 2001 we have extended the “rotonda” no. 5 (beach office with the Swiss Flag) building comfortable toilets and a new bar terrace. In 2002 we also extended beach office no. 4 (Italian Flag); in 2003 we renovated beach office no. 1 (Dutch Flag) and in 2004 beach office no. 7 (Austrian Flag).
    Modernization Programme for the other “rotunda” is awaiting for authorization. We aim to start renovation in 2008.

    Company Lignano Pineta has committed a study to the Geologic Environmental and Marine Science Departement of the University in Trieste and to Med Engineering in Padova titled “The coast along lungomare Adriatico in Lignano: analysis of the process of ruin and proposal of interventation
    against the marine erosion” and “Study meteomarine and model analysis“. From this documento of University of Trieste and Med Engeneering started the joined project of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and towncouncil of Lignano Sabbiadoro for the movement of sand from the mouth of Tagliamento river to the seaside of Lignano Pineta and Riviera. This project is able to restore the navigability of the mouth of Tagliamento and fights the marine erosion.
    The three years contract has made concrete the project; in this plan Lignano Pineta and the two marinas on the Tagliamento river give economical contribution for the yearly analysis of the sand on the river’s mouth and on the beach. The first interventation of the three year contract happend from february to april 2006 and about this argument the austrian TV broadcasting did a special report; the second movement of sand from the mouth of Tagliamento to the began in february 2007 and the third one year later. The study of Geologic Environmental and Marine Science Departement and Med Engeneering make prevision for works against the marine erosion; company Lignano Pineta is completing the authorization needed to build this works.

    The company Lignano Pineta celebrated during summer 2003 “50 years of holidays”, with pages of advertaising on the newspapers, poster, postcards, special post-stamp and a giant-size “sardellata” on the Marcello D’Olivo square with thousend and thousend of people.

    In 2005 company Lignano Pineta started the procedure for the environmental certification ISO 14.000.

    Immagine HemingwayIn May 2005 must be remembered the visit at the Pineta beach of the president of Region Friuli Venice Giulia Riccardo Illy; the visit started with a motor boat from the peer of Lignano Pineta and then there was a tranship on three sailing boats OD 36 made by Cantieri Serigi di Aquileia. President Illy, regional councillor Sonego, some regional managers and employees and some councillors of towncouncill Lignano Sabbiadoro sailed, had an aperitif on the boat and then they went back up to the river Tagliamento and finally they arrived to Marina Uno.

    The italian basket championship 2005-2006 started with Lignano Pineta sponsor of the first league team Snaidero Udine; to make system and sinergy at all levels was the message of the company for this new
    sport project. Lignano Pineta sponsored the basket team of Snaidero Udine also for the seasons 2006-2007
    and 2007-2008.

    During summer 2006 started the cooperation between company Lignano Pineta and company S.I.L. with daily Messaggero Veneto, that opened a summer office for three months in the building of the firm in viale a Mare;
    for the holiday destination Lignano there is the chance to have to pages a day to inform tourists and visitors about all the exibithion and events during the whole summer season; this summer office of daily Messaggero Veneto has given a big contribution to improve the managing of company Lignano and the relations with all the customers.
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