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    Ernest Hemingway was in Lignano Pineta in 1954 and help Lignano to become famous because he defined Lignano “Italy’s Florida”

    The company Lignano Pineta was borned in the ‘50s geographycally situated in the middle of the peninsula in the towncouncil Lignano Sabbiadoro, at that time still towncouncil Latisana.

    During the 50s Carlo Alberto Kechler and a group of friulan entrepreneurs decided to realize an innovative urban project based on a spiral, the project had been designed by the architect Marcello D' Olivo. Immagine Hemingway This urban assessment has permitted to preserve pinewood and nature and to make Lignano Pineta environment friendly. This spiral is a distinctive mark for Lignano, you can see it on the official flag.
    Ernest Hemingway also lived in Lignano in the 50s (1954-)
    and he liked it so much and cited it Lignano as Italy’s Florida.
    The very important Italian actor Alberto Sordi owned a wonderful villa in Lignano Pineta and during the 60s was one of the starring
    of Lignano’s “dolce vita”.
    The company "Lignano Pineta" owns an area of 270.000 m2 including 1,2 km sandy shore. Along the coastline there is a elevated pedestrian construction that links seven "round meeting points" with beach offices, bars, showers and toilets. From April to September in the beach offices you can rent beach umbrellas, deck chairs, beds and bathing huts. Having a walk along the promenade you can find many beach-shops, news dealers and tobacconist, a first-aid's centre and three painting workshops.
    On the beach there are swimming and windsurfing schools, rent pedal boas and canoes.

    Lignano Pineta - MareThere is a full programme of animation for adults
    and kids all summer long on the beach.
    A peer on the sea make possible a pleasant walk on
    the water and a snack at the bar “La Pagoda”.
    From the peer a motorboat drags the tourists
    on a “banana-boat” or on a “ciambella”.

    In the pinewood area between the Lungomare and the first houses, hotels or buildings are located: “Tenda bar” a real meeting point for young people from the ‘60s and where it takes place the exibithion "Meeting with author and wine", friendly restaurant and pizzeria “La Granseola”, where you can see drawings and paintings of the architecht and painter D’Olivo; bar “Giarabub” with many sculptures around it; children amusements park “I Gommosi” made of blowing up games; bar “Jolly Golf” with 18 holes of minigolf; two red ground tennis courts; day babysitting “Divertitom” with a garden and pinewood extension of 3.000 square meters with two wood cottages, a big tent and a lot of games.

    Around the amusements park for children “I Gommosi” and the bar “Giarabub” in the Pinewood is located “Parco del Mare”. The park make possible to use the pinewood and is made of: fitness and pedestrian ways, a red ground tennis court, 800 square meters tent, park-benches, flowerpots, bicycle-parking, waste-baskets and lighting.
    In front of Parco del Mare, more precisely at Piazza Marcello D'Olivo, during the months of May and June there will be taking place the first "Symposium of Mosaic" with four international artists of the famous School of Mosaic of Friuli in Spilimbergo who will be creating a unique work of art that will remain in time.

    A guarded car parking on the Lungomare Alberto Kechler complete the offer company Lignano Pineta’ s services.

    Company Lignano Pineta owns Marina Uno in Lignano Riviera on the river Tagliamento, built at the beginning of ‘60s, and enlarged in 1983, from 1990 receives the Blu Flag from the Federation of Environmental Education – F.E.E. and with 420 boat places with different dimensions, each of them is provided by electricity and running water; technical assistance, toilets, bar, swimming pool with aquagym, hire of boats with no driving license, etc.
    Bounded by an elegant green scenery with a four stars hotel with beauty center, newspapers shop, tobacconist, diving center, etc. In Marina Uno you can find also the old and typical fish restaurant “Al Cason”.
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