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"The Fire of the Sea" in Lignano Pineta

The countdown for the 22nd edition of the fireworks "The Fire of the Sea" organized on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 has started! The organizers hope to repeat the success of last year that has seen more than 50,000 people - including those already on holiday and those groups arrived to the show - to admire the news of the fireworks show.

The "gold fans", "landing of the Marines", "silver cloud", which were added to the traditional "ghosts", the "fire-parachute", "guerrilla" with fires thrown in water and that from the water they come up again and much more for the enchanted last summer edition and news are also expected for 2016.

The Neapolitan choreographer Ciro Manfredonia, aka the "Wizard of Fires" has long been at work "I'll do my best for the fireworks in Lignano Pineta to be also this year at the height of the tradition!" he said , creator along with Renzo Ardito in 1995 of this show.

The duet between the fireworks fired from the bridge over the sea in ‚Äč‚ÄčLignano Pineta and those fired from floating rafts docked 300 meters from the shore, are typical for the firework display "The Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčFire", visible from the beach and the elevated promenade of Lignano Pineta.
Many are impressed by the glare of the fires on the water with its many colors. It is a show that has become a must for Lignano Pineta; in fact more than 200 tour operators and companies involved in the fireworks show and the musical  show "Waiting for the fireworks" that is right before it.

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