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Fourth Mosaic Symposium

During these last days, we are finishing preparations for the Fourth Mosaic Symposium which will be held in Lignano Pineta, Piazza Marcello D’Olivo from Sunday 29th May to Sunday 12th June 2016.
The event will host Marzia Canzian, Ilaria Del Signore, Serena Diana, Nicole Stefan, four graduated students at the “Mosaic Maker” school in Spilimbergo (Friuli region). They are now involved in finishing their specialization year.

During this symposium, the students will be assisted by two artistic advisors from their school: Luca De Amicis and Serena Leonarduzzi.
During these two weeks, the lab will be open for visits and tourists can admire mosaic maker in action and see the progress day after day.

Beach resort number 7 (austrian flag) will be honored with the artistic mosaic work made on paper created by Gianni Borta.
A funny cerimony will be held on Saturday 11th June at 11.00 a.m. with authorities and tourists: the final work will be uncovered and it will be described by the creator as well as Gianni Borta (artist), Alido Gerussi (mosaic maker school in Spilimbergo principal), Borvedani (director), Enzo Santese (art critic).

After this, the beach resort number 7 (austrian flag) terrace will offer its guests a drink.

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