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11th June 2016: Welcome home PalaPineta!!

Yesterday, 11th June at 6.00 p.m., it has been given the welcome return to PalaPineta in Parco del Mare in Lignano Pineta. The Lignano Sabbiadoro’s mayor, Luca Fanotto, has cut the tricolor ribbon inaugurating the polyfunctional structure PalaPineta. To hold the tray on which the scissors were put, there they were: Anna Ardito, Leonardo Busanel and Nicolò Del Gobbo Ardito.
Giorgio Ardito, the president of the company Lignano Pineta, has wanted to thank the collaborators, so many suppliers, the professionals and the craftsmen who have worked for the remaking of the PalaPineta and for some internal modifications.
The polyfunctional structure has been restored by the company Lignano Pineta, holder for the maritime concession Lignano Pineta after the fire in 2014 of April, with an important investment.
The objective of company Lignano Pineta is giving a locality for congresses, events, manifestations to win the entertainment challenge and so to maintain the tourist destination Lignano competitive on the international markets. Many persons, after the cocktail in BBQ restaurant, have returned in PalaPineta to attend the first appointment of the meetings with the author and the wine, one of the many manifestation that will be all the summer.

In the picture, from the right to the left:
1st picture: Leonardo Busanel, Nicolò Del Gobbo Ardito, Anna Ardito, Luca Fanotto and Giorgio Ardito;
2rd picture: the mayor Fanotto and the president of company Lignano Pineta, Giorgio Ardito;
3nd picture: the Lignano Sabbiadoro’s mayor, Fanotto, during the greeting.

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