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The Fire of the Sea 2013: on the beach the people talk about it yet.

"A great satisfaction the applause last night, but even more that on the beach the people talk about it yet today" so says Ciro Manfredonia - the century, "the magician of fires" - inventor  with Renzo Ardito the  President of the company Lignano Pineta of the "The Fire of the Sea" , that it’s the most event awaited of summer to Lignano. 19 editions without interruption since 1995, "The Fire of the Sea" impress many tourists on holiday in Lignano and many who come specifically for the fireworks and the music that precedes it. Last night on the stage of the "mezzaluna" in Piazza Marcello D'Olivo from 21.00 to 23.30, performed the young band "Leanne Meyers".
Lying on sun loungers on the beach, at the beach sitting on the sand, on the beach with your feet in the water, standing on elevated walkway of Lignano Pineta, a dinner of some of the "rotonda" of Pineta, on the terraces of the house, on boat, so people admired "fires of Pineta." The derby with the fireworks of Sabbiadoro, the judgment of the public is in favor of the "fires of Pineta." Wonderful reverberations of the colors of the fires on the water between the pier at the sea and the Kursaal. With 5 minutes elegant late, at 23.35 hours the three shots of warning have started the show. Exciting the duet of fires between jetty in sea and motorboat Rinascimento, after a cascade of opening of more than fifty meters. The patriotic fireworks with the colors of the Italian flag, on the pier at the sea and on motorboat docked at three hundred meters from the shore. The effect of "guerrilla " with fires that started at the same time from the pier at sea, from the water in front of the pier, from  the motorboat and from the water in front of the motorboat, these was effect more liked for tourists, with spontaneous applause.
Ideal weather conditions with the moon and a light breeze that moved gradually the smoke of the fires, leaving free space to others.
Thanks to the many tour operators and not only that supporting for many years "The Fire of the Sea". Saturday, August 16, 2014 that will celebrate first 20 years, a piece of history of 110 years of Lignano.

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