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The mayor of Lignano Silvano Delzotto welcomed the international mosaicists of the first symposium

It was a cordial meeting between thee four young mosaic artists Cha Hwasun from South Corea, Arianna Puntin from Aquileia, Marcela Anghel from Romania, Marja Pohar from Slovenia and the mayor of Lignano Sabbiadoro Silvano Delzotto. The artists were accompanied by Giorgio Ardito, president of the cultural association "Il Castello" that organized the event. The artists met at Spilimbergo at the Mosaic School of Friuli where they are in their last year of studies, finishing their specialization thanks to a scholarship. Hwasun, Arianna, Marcela and Marja also took an appointment with the mayor at Piazza Marcello D'Olivo. Together they want to place some pieces together of the mosaic art work the four women are realizing at the moment.
The mayor, after he had been informed about the future endeavours of the four young female artists, gave them books about Lignano and about the region as well as other souvernirs.
The first edition of the Symposium of Mosaic is under the patronage of the following institutions: Turismo FVG, Province of Udine, Foundation CRUP, the City of Lignano Sabbiadoro, the School of Mosaic of Friuli.
Other supporting campanies are: Friuladria - Crèdit Agricole, Lignano Pineta - Marina Uno, Ristorante La Granseola, Agenzia Affittanze Arcobaleno, Bar Kandoo, Consorzio Lignano Vacanze, Fotoottica RB, Enoteca La Pigna, Nuova Saldotermica, Hotel Ristorante President.
The foto shows from left to right: mayor Silvano Delzotto, Marja Pohar, Arianna Puntin, Cha Hwasun, Marcela Anghel and Giorgio Ardito.

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