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SOGIT - first health emergency budget in Lignano Pineta

It’s time of budgets for SOGIT - Cross of St. Giovanni a real point of health emergency started from Saturday 26 June 2010 between the baths 3 with British flag and 4 with Italian flag of Lignano Pineta. The service is very appreciated by the tourists on the coast of Lignano Pineta and Riviera, has gave the first data of all activities in July 2010, here in detailed description of the 237 operations performed:
wounds 104;
medications 17;
pressure gauge 32;
glycemia measurement 4;
principle of drowning 1;
fainting, heat exhaustion, malaise 5;
spider fish bites 13;
jellyfish bites 28;
insect bites 9;
other (dermatologic problems, suspected fractures or dislocations, trauma) 24.

Equipped with a defibrillator and connected as blue point to the Regional Emergency 118, the SOGIT from 10.00 to 18.00 o’clock constantly present helper for the health exigence of the bathers into the yellow premises with the cross of St. Giovanni placed in the Lungomare Kechler at street number 22.
The activity of SOGIT (tel. 0431-423298 is supported with a contribution from Lignano Pineta spa and from Società Imprese Lignano spa; Lignano Pineta spa also offers free seat, with the maintenance that every year are necessary and it shoulders the electricity and water consumptions.
A praise goes to the president of SOGIT Graziella Kainich, who believed from the outset in this health activity to the service of the tourists.

Attached is a picture of Sara Sbrugnera helper, present from last summer with the medical device (defibrillator).

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