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Yu-Gi-Oh competitions for children in Ristobar Ai Giochi in Lignano Pineta

The Tournament Yu-Gi-Oh has also arrived in Lignano Pineta. Every Wednesday, starting from Wednesday 30 until Wednesday 1 September 2010 from 15.30 to 18.30 in Ristobar Ai Giochi in Raggio dei Canestrei, in front of the office number two of Lignano Pineta, are held the free tournaments of Yu-Gi-Oh.
Yu-Gi-Oh, literally "King of Games" was born as a Japanese manga created by Kazuki Takahashi and produced by Konami. It sees as protagonists some children that play to a card game called Duel Monsters, in which each player purchases and assembles a deck monsters, spells and traps to defeat each other.
Inspired by the analogy of the imaginary game that appears in the manga and  the cartoons of the television series, Yu-Gi-Oh was also transformed into a real collectible card game with strict rules, in which each player in every game or duel, aims to clear the opponent's life points using the cards of their deck (the personal deck).
The collectible card game in recent years has become so popular to worldwide livel that they have been set up real tournaments and among them are also tournaments opened to all, the tournaments are held in Lignano Pineta with guaranteed prizes to winners every Wednesday.

Ristobar Ai Giochi
Tel 346/7001325
Raggio dei Canestrei, in front of the bath number 2 - German flag in Lignano Pineta
Organizer Alex 333/6424871

In the photo, children struggling with tournaments of Yu-Gi-Oh Ristobar Ai Giochi in Raggio dei Canestrei in Lignano Pineta.

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