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Works the fruit of the Symposium of Aurisina Sculpture

During a beautiful sunny morning today Sunday 23 May were unveiled in the Sea’s Park in Lignano Pineta, the three works the fruit of the Symposium of Aurisina Sculpture. For the city of Lignano Sabbiadoro were been the Councillor of Culture Lanfranco Sette, the Councillor of Tourism Graziano Bosello, the Councillor for Budget Carlo Teghil (also in his capacity as Responsible of the Ambit of the Regional Agency of the FVG Tourism) and the Municipal Councillor Vico Meroi.
The Province of Udine was represented by Vice-president of the Council Silvano Galetti, while the Harbour-office was represented by the Commander Tommaso Cassano. Giorgio Ardito, the president of the cultural association “The Castle” and the critic Enzo Santese did the honours of the house; first retracing the steps of the ten years of Symposium and describing with great mastery the works of artists. The real protagonists were their naturally, the sculptors: Stefanie Krome from Lower Saxony in Germany, Huynh Van Hoang from Vietnam, his wife Antonella Tiozzo Huynh and their daughter Maya, the mascot of the group. The sculptures, wrapped this morning by large yellow sheets, were discovered by the artists one by one, to the applauses of the audience. The thinker of the German Krome, Geometric profile of Huynh Vietnamese and The shell to hear the earth have become part of the patrimony of the Sea’s Park in Lignano Pineta; 30 works in stone and 10 works in metal are positioned along the walkways of the parkthat has developed from a natural resource to a precious natural-artistic resource. Thanks again to the institutions that have supported the initiative: City of Lignano Sabbiadoro, Udine Province, CRUP Foundation, Friuladria Bank Credit Agricole, Cava Romana SpA, Agency Arcobaleno, restaurant La Granseola, Consorzio Alberghi Lignano, Jewelry Isy Croatto, Lignano Pineta Spa, Nuova Saldotermica, Enterprise Bandolin, Fotoottica RB.
After the ceremony was followed by a healthy refreshments at the Ristobar ai giochi.

P.S. Pictured from left to right on the pedestal of the sculpture The Shell to listen to the ground: Giorgio Ardito, Huynh Van Hoang and little Maya, Stefanie Krome and Antonella Tiozzo Huynh.

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