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New white Ape Piaggio 50 for the beach of Lignano Pineta

Still a new in the means park of the Lignano Pineta s.p.a. for the bathing season 2010: a new and  stylish  Ape Piaggio van of white color. The new vehicle replaces a historic Ape Piaggio, come the hour of well-deserved retirement pension. The Ape Piaggio, immediately provided the Lignano Pineta’s corporate distinctive adhesive is 50 displacement and has capacity of 2.4 horsepower. It is a useful means for the small maintenance of beach umbrellas, deckchairs, but also of others equipments (bathing-huts, games) and plants of the beach-offices, of the warehouses and of the baths of the bathing establishment. Valentino Codotto is the employee of Lignano Pineta, who drives the new white Ape Piaggio 50 with the numberplate X3M PBL.
In photo the new Ape Piaggio portrayed in Lungomare Kechler of Lignano Pineta.

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