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The sculpture "The Thinker", of the German artist of Lower Saxony Stefanie Krome, is taking shape

The sculpture "The Thinker", of the German artist of Lower Saxony Stefanie Krome, is taking shape. Despite the weather not always ideal, Stefanie has already made good progress; in fact the forms of his work are outlined. Between the pines of the Park of the Sea opposite the baths number 2 German flag of Lignano Pineta, takes place from Sunday 9th May, the tenth Symposium of Sculpture on Aurisina Stone. The tourists ask the sculptures, Antonella Tiozzo Huynh from Venice, Huynh Van Hoang from Vietnam and as well as the German of Hildesheim Stefanie Krome many questions.From "Can you explain me the meaning of the sculpture?" to "But, why don't you use only the chisel like Michelangelo?", from "What is stone, granite?" to "How do you do with all his dust?", from " And then, where are the sculptures going to put?" to "Have you ever been in Lignano?". The sculptors answer with pleasure curiosity of the tourist, so they can also take a break during hard work. The initiative is supported by Cultural institutions: City of Lignano Sabbiadoro, Regional Department Productive Activities, Department of Culture in Province of Udine CRUP Foundation, Mediocredito Friuli Venezia Giulia, Municipality of Duino Aurisina: companies Cava Romana S.p.A., Banca Popolare FriulAdria - Credit Agricol, Lignano Pineta S.p.A., tourist agency Arcobaleno, CAL - Consorzio Alberghi Lignano, Isy Croatto, Restaurant La Granseola, Ristobar Ai giochi, Radio Fantasy, Fotoottica RB, Saldotermica and Enterprise's Bandolin. Thesymposium of sculpture will end Sunday 23 May 2010 at 11:00 am with the inauguration of the works described by the critic Enzo Santese.

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