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The lifeguard Marco of Lignano Pineta at the Symposium

The lifeguard Marco of bathing establishment number 1 with Dutch flag in Lignano Pineta tries today at the Symposium of Sculpture to rought-hew blocks of Aurisina Stone.
The "hammered day" in fact is the third day of the symposium that allows tourists and operators of Lignano to try with a hammer and a chisel in hand to help the artists in the realization of their works.
Started Sunday 9 May, the event will conclude Sunday 23 May at 11:00 am with the inauguration of the works which will participate in the tourists, the operators of Lignano, the authorities, the sponsors and the art
critic Enzo Santese. In the first picture we see Marco Paschetto with the German sculptor Stefanie Krome with the flex in hand. In the second picture Paschetto is between two sculptors, the German Stefanie Krome to left and the Venetian Antonella Tiozzo to right.
In the third picture the lifeguard Marco with a hammer and a chisel helps to rought-hew the block of Aurisina.
In the fourth picture Paschetto receives informations from the sculptor Antonella Tiozzo about how
to proceed in steps.

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