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Tenth International Symposium of Sculpture on Aurisina Stone in Lignano
Pineta from Sunday 9 till Sunday 23 May 2010

The sculpture studio is taking place under the pines of the "Parco del Mare" and each year
sees the participation of three sculptors chosen in collaboration with the cultural circle "Il Faro",
creator of the "Symposium of Sculpture on Stones of Friuli" of Vergnacco.
The symposium allows artists to create works directly in the pine forest, which is enrivhed every
year with new sculptures transforming slowly into a true cultural resource.
In fact in the "Parco del Mare" are already exhibited works of: Luciano Ceschia, Simon Benetton,
Sonia Espejo Arce, Giuliano Mannucci, Francesco Cadeddu, Ulrich Johannes Müller, Adriana Rupp,
Ion Dumitru Serban, Nico Colle, Peter Pfleger, Maria Grazia Collini, Giuliano Giussani, Sandro
Piermarini, Petra Lange, Andrei Belev, Roberto Soave, Nadia Tarasova, Michael Printschler, Antonella
Tiozzo, Marc Bertram, Alfredo Pecile, Shakanelly Ramos, Tobel, Pablo Augusto Garelli, Zhao Li,
Villi Bossi, Karl-Heinz Deutsch, Alberto Emiliano Durante and Elena Faleschini.
The tourists can see the artists in action, to know and verify the progresses day after day.
The cultural initiative is supported by the institutions: City of Lignano Sabbiadoro,
Regional Departement for Productive Activities, Department of Culture of the Province of Udine,
CRUP Foundation, Mediocredito Friuli Venezia Giulia, Municipality of Duino Aurisina:
companies Cava Romana s.p.a., Banca Popolare Friuladria - Credit Agricole, Lignano Pineta s.p.a.,
tourist agency Arcobaleno, C.A.L. - Consorzio Alberghi Lignano, Isy Croatto, Restaurant La Granseola,
Ristobar Ai giochi, Radio Fantasy, Fotoottica RB, Saldotermica and Bandolin’s Business.
The artists edition 2010 are: Huynh Van Hoang from Vietnam with the collaboration of "Profilo
geometrico", the adoption of the Genoese and Venetian birth Antonella Tiozzo Huyhn with the work
"Shell to listen to the earth" and the German Stefanie Krome transplanted in Carrara with the work
"The Thinker". Important event of the symposium is the third day of the symposium dubbed
"Hammered day”: tuesday 11 May authorities, tourists and supporters are asked to wear all
the necessary protections to arm themselves with hammer and chisel and give a "carved" or
"hammered" to Aurisina stone blocks, contributing thus to realization.
The two weeks of sculpture in Lignano Pineta will culminate in the inauguration of the works
Sunday 23 May at 11.00. In the presence of the organizers, sponsors, authorities, and especially
tourists the sculptures are released by large yellow tarpaulins and "explained" by the artists.
At the end of the day will follow a party official. We wait in the "Parco del Mare" in Lignano
from 9 to 23 May 2010. 

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