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Summer 2009: environmental education on the beach in Lignano Pineta

“Exploring the sea” is an educational and recreational activity with the aim to
discover the beach and the sea.
With the collaboration of Consorzio Spiaggia Viva, which joins the managers
of different bathing establishments of Lignano Sabbiadoro, Pineta and Riviera
together, and Lignano Pineta s.p.a., the Zoo of Punta Verde offers all children the
possibility to explore and know the main characteristics of the sea and the
environment around them.
Until August, 27th 2009 on Monday and Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at bathing
establishments n. 5 and 6 in Lignano Pineta and in other 7 locations in Lignano
Sabbiadoro there will be free recreational activities in order to strengthen the
observation skill of children, to enrich their knowledge of the sea ecosystem, to
awaken them to the protection of the natural environment and to make little
daily gestures to preserve it.
During these activities, which are important and intelligent reflections upon the
sea, different themes will be treated, trying to incite a right behaviour.
Thanks to naturalistic finds children will learn to know sea inhabitants and to
discover sea characteristics; furthermore like real detectives they should also
know of recognizing finds and signs.
This project is organised by the expert and qualified staff of the Zoo of Punta
Verde in Lignano. The principal purposes of “Exploring the sea” are the creation
and the diffusion of an education, directing to a greater culture and sensitization
to the environment.
All the activities are free and offered by the managers of the bathing
establishments. Up to today about 700 children have been participated to
“Exploring the sea”. At the end of the lessons they realized funny gadgets with
recycled elements, they received a publication to discover the secrets of our
world and some practical suggestions about the importance of the water
and how to preserve the sea.
The takings of this activity, which are paid by Consorzio Spiaggia Viva, will be
managed by Punta Verde in situ Onlus and they will be set aside for a research
project related to one of the most damaged environments in the world, the
rain forest “Mata atlantica” in Brazil, with the highest level of biodiversity, where
about 400 little monkeys called Leontopitecos Caissara exemplars survive.

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