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On August, 15th 2009 there was the best decked and characteristic sun umbrella

The Venetian glass maker Michele Michelin is the creator of this particular event, which
this year has involved 60 sun umbrellas and is placed side by side to the masked parade.
The rules and the prizes (a clock, a branched candlestick and a table decoration) were
created by the glass maker Michelin while the jury was chosen by bathers.
Here the results: 1st classifier was the sun umbrella representing the mushroom created
by Mrs Della Pietra from Basiliano; 2nd classifier was the sun umbrella representing
the Christmas tree of Isoli’s family from Verona und the 3rd classifier was the sun
umbrella created by Bagata’s family from Verona representing the flowers.
A particular sun umbrella which was not rewarded was created by Colusso’s family
and represented Udinese football team.
Other prizes for the small bottle tournament and the sacks run were prints of Lignano
Pineta, caps and rucksacks offered by Lignano Pineta s.p.a.

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